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Missionpharma is committed to making a difference in global health. Since 1975 we have contributed to improving global health by supplying quality medicines and medical devices to people all over the world. Every year more than 100 million people take our medicines.

Missionpharma is a leading global supplier of pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, hospital equipment and medical kits. Our aim is to strengthen healthcare globally through engagement, cooperation and impactful solutions in close partnership with local stakeholders. 

We employ 55 people in our Danish headquarters and around 150 people globally.

Customised solutions

Our business approach is based on understanding the environment in which our products are intended to be used. We specialise in adjusting our services to specific local requirements and customer challenges to ensure that our solutions make a sustainable impact. At the same time, we vouch for quality, affordability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

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Backed by the best

Missionpharma has joined forces with the strongest and most progressive companies in the pharmaceutical, retail, automotive and equipment-distribution industries in Africa. Since 2012, we have been a proud member of Eurapharma and the CFAO Group – a multibillion-dollar group owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation. This makes us stronger and better equipped to continue to support our customers with sustainable solutions for many years ahead.

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Global set-up

Our extensive network of experienced local staff is our shortcut to understanding the detailed needs and wishes of our clients. Our presence in over 30 countries worldwide is key to our successful impact.

Mikaël Joher, Director, Public Sector

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Global organisation

Every year, our products and services reach more than 100 million of people – a result made possible by our 150 employees located on three continents. Missionpharma is headquartered in Denmark and has subsidiaries, affiliates and regional offices in Denmark, India, China and Zambia and local representatives all over the world.

We believe that only by working together we can succeed in making a positive impact on global health. Through dedication, teamwork and mutual respect for each other’s strengths, we succeed in living our purpose – despite being physically located far from each other.

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Global experience – local presence

We have a deep understanding of the business environment in our field. We bring together best practice in international healthcare and an extensive local insight to ensure that working with Missionpharma is of mutual benefit.

Missionpharma – a global organisation

Every day we focus on bridging the geographical distances between our companies by ensuring consistency in everything we do. We continuously strive to harmonise all working processes as well as the quality of services we provide, and we put a lot of focus on developing a working environment that allows an understanding of each other’s cultural differences.

Our subsidiaries in India and China play a vital role in supporting the development of our Indian and Chinese manufacturers. By having our own organisations physically based in the countries, we secure close contact with manufacturers and ensure the ability to provide a fast and action-oriented approach to challenges.


Missionpharma has a proud history going back to 70s, where the company was founded by the late Poul Ginnerup; a Danish entrepreneur with a dream about increasing access to safe and affordable generic pharmaceuticals worldwide.

At that time, there was an increasing trend towards generic pharmaceuticals in Africa, and Poul decided to focus intensively on this segment. The missionary clinics constituted the entire public health sector in Africa, which is the primary reason for our company name.

Africa has been in our DNA since the very beginning – and the continent still has big place in our hearts.


A proud history
1975: Missionpharma was founded by the late Poul Ginnerup as a one-man company with focus on supply of generic pharmaceuticals to the missionary clinics in Africa.
1980: Missionpharma has a strong commitment towards relief aid.
1989: Poul Ginnerup dies and Poul’s son, Kim Ginnerup, joins the management team.
1997: Our first office in India is established with primary focus on QA/QC and logistics services.
2001: Missionpharma establishes our kit packing unit in India, Missionpharma Logistics India, with complete storage, consolidation and kit packing facilities.
2007: Establishment of our Procurement and QA office in Shanghai, China.
2010: Increasing physical presence on the African continent.
2012: Eurapharma, owned by the CFAO Group and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, enters as majority shareholder of Missionpharma.
2013: Missionpharma strategically separates Hospital Equipment as a dedicated business unit.
2015: Missionpharma Zambia Ltd. is founded.
2015: Missionpharma wins the Great Place to Work® title as the best Workplace in Denmark (Best Small Workplaces 2015).
2018: Christian Overgaard is appointed new CEO of Missionpharma.


Missionpharma’s Executive Management Team has an extensive global experience and is deeply passionate about delivering efficient, innovative and intelligent healthcare solutions to our clients.

We have a constant focus on ensuring that our company always delivers excellent customer experience in every touch point. This underlies everything we do.

Meet our Executive Management team below:

Christian Overgaard

Chief Executive Officer

Mads Bach Ljunggren

Chief Commercial Officer

Alexandre Vialatte

Chief Financial Officer

Lotte Graa Preskou

Executive Assistant

Purpose and Values

We believe that our purpose and our values tie us together as a company and drive us to keep aiming for making an impact.


On a mission for better health
We believe that access to safe and affordable healthcare is a human right. Since 1975 we have contributed to improving global health by supplying quality medicines and medical devices to people all over the world.

Missionpharma works according to the following company values:

We care
We care about people. We take responsibility and treat each other and the world around us with respect.

We are one
We succeed by working together as one – a diverse team of specialists. We are the sum of our collective experience.

We deliver impact
We are dedicated to making a difference. We work relentlessly to deliver solutions with impact.


Missionpharma is committed to maintaining trust throughout our operations and to conducting business with integrity and high ethical standards with respect for applicable laws, regulations and internal policies.

Integrity is one of our core values. At Missionpharma, we are committed to upholding high business standards and promoting good business conduct globally in our interactions with customers, healthcare professionals, public officials, suppliers and other business partners.

All stakeholders must adhere to our Third Party Code of Conduct in addition to our Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy and Whistleblowing Procedure.  

We do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. To mitigate the risk of unethical behaviour, we have implemented a documented vetting programme, which all business relations must pass through to ensure compliance with Missionpharma standards of integrity. Partners are always screened for critical information on persons and entities and our local representatives go through a rigorous due diligence process and approval procedure.

TRACE certified
As a part of our continuous focus on due diligence, Missionpharma is TRACE certified under ID TC4174-6397. TRACE is a globally recognized anti-bribery business organization and leading provider of third party risk management solutions.

In order to become TRACE certified a company must every year complete a comprehensive due diligence process administered by TRACE International.

Being TRACE certified underlines our commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions. For further information, please visit www.traceinternational.org.

Member of the UN Global Compact
Missionpharma has been a signatory member of the UN Global Compact since 2018, and it is a natural consequence of our commitment to the Ten Principles to engage with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals are closely interlinked with our sustainability commitments for human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Looking across the SDGs and underlying targets, Missionpharma touches, directly or indirectly, many of the goals. We have chosen to target our efforts towards specifically SDG 3, 8 and 13 and the relevant sub-targets.

Goal 3, Good health and well-being, is by far the goal, where Missionpharma has the ability to significantly contribute to large-scale positive transformations, as this target directly relates to our focused efforts to improve access to safe healthcare globally. In addition to Goal 3, we contribute particularly to Goal 8, Decent work and economic growth and Goal 13, Climate action.

Download our Communication on Progress (COP) 2021 report.

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